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Kimberly Kay Rebecca Johnson was born and raised in Burlington Iowa with her five brothers and sisters, Kim was the second oldest of three girls and three boys, Her Mom and dad, Wayne and Judy Johnson, were high school sweethearts and got married at a very young age, Wayne had a large family and was of Sweden descends and Judy’s family was a German and Irish background and she was an only child.

The Johnson’s were a very typical mid-western middle class family, hardworking family. They had a simple and happy life. Judy and Wayne made sure the family gathered at dinner time, worked hard at school and sports, attend Catholic Church every Sunday and respected each other and their family.

Kim had a very happy childhood the entire family spent a lot of time boating, fishing and camping at the “Johnson’s Point” on the Mississippi River as well as traveling throughout the Midwestern states.

She was a good worker; she earned her money serving working as a babysitter and learned to be a baker at a local bakery, she learned how to cook from his mother Kim was also a very smart and an above average student. She excelled in Spanish class which is what prompted her teacher to talk to her about being an exchange student in a Spanish speaking country. Kim was also involved in basketball and volleyball. She had a lot of friends in school. At 16 years old Kim was very responsible for her age, taking on important responsibilities like taking care of her brothers and sisters at home, participating in extracurricular school activities and at excelling at work, before she left to go Argentina, Kim started dating Wade Perry.


Kimberly Johnson



Kim was the second of 6 children, love camping, playing Basketball and volleyball.

Kim fue la segunda de 6 hijos, le encanta acampar, jugar baloncesto y voleibol.

The Johnson's


This is a link to a photo album of the Johnson Family from Burlington, Iowa, USA.

Este es un enlace a un álbum de fotos de la familia Johnson de Burlington, Iowa, EE. UU.

Kim in Argentina


 In 1980, at sixteen years of age, after choosing between Spain and Argentina to study abroad.

En 1980, a los dieciséis años, después de elegir entre España y Argentina para estudiar en el extranjero.

Kim and Carlos Argentina I


Kim and Carlos dated for one year in Tucuman.

Kim y Carlos estuvieron de novios un  año en Argentina.

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